Have Your Move Run Smoothly with Moving Tips from Storage Zone

Storage Tips

If you want to keep your belongings safe and undamaged during your storage, consider following some of our tips. We can provide you information on how to properly store certain items, manoeuvre furniture, and avoid messes. Our other storage tips include:

  • Lawn mowers - be sure to empty gas and oil from all small machines
  • NO paint storage, solvents, gases, propane tanks or other combustibles / explosives
  • Absolutely NO food allowed in storage (boxed or bagged items - flour, sugar, pasta, cereal)
  • Put mattresses, sofas, and chairs in storage bags
  • Place skids on locker floor to protect furniture & boxes, allows airflow. (cardboard under cars)
  • Remove legs from tables (screws in Ziploc bag and stretch wrap to table along with legs)
  • Leave doors on refrigerators slightly ajar (open) to avoid mildew and moisture damage
  • Drop by the facility to ensure that you have an adequately sized storage space
  • Pack all heavy boxes on the bottom with lighter more fragile items on top
  • In order to save some space/time and money, sell or donate unwanted items
  • Leave a walkway into the storage space, in order to access items in the rear of your unit
  • Remember to pack items you will need at the front of the locker
  • Fill all boxes to capacity to avoid tipping and collapsing
  • Pack pictures, mirrors and books on their end, never flat.
  • Store sofa(s) on end if possible to save space - use sofa & chair storage covers
  • Cover items to protect against dust
  • Use an adequate sized lock on the unit - see our office for the correct sized lock

Moving & Packing Tips

Don’t plan your move last minute. Get the advice and tips you need from The Storage Zone to have your next move run smoothly. We offer tips on renting trucks, keeping items clean, and how best to wrap and store items. For more information, check the list below:

  • Book a rental truck as soon as possible
  • If you are not a do-it-yourself mover ask us for the names of qualified movers
  • Start packing at least two weeks before your move date
  • Wrap dishes and glasses individually in packing paper, foam or bubble wrap
  • Do not pack fragile and heavy items in the same box
  • Ask at the liquor and grocery store (make sure no food residue though) for free boxes
  • Remember to use your laundry baskets & recycle bins and large buckets for tools
  • List contents on each box and what room it came from
  • Use mattress and sofa bags to keep items clean during the move
  • Put bulky light items in larger boxes
  • Pack smaller boxes with heavier items such as books and dishes
  • Use fluorescent stickers or mark “fragile” on boxes
  • Ensure dresser drawers are strapped or stretch-wrapped shut (glass doors on furniture too)
  • Use wardrobe boxes to pack clothes directly from the closet(s), shoes/hats/handbags in bottom
  • To save time, stretch wrap drawers with contents still in them
  • Use stretch-wrap on glass doors (not tape – avoid glue residue)
  • Move blankets & pillows in emptied dresser drawers
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