Look for Your Moving Supplies Right Here at The Storage Zone

The Storage Zone offers a huge selection of packing and moving supplies. We have everything from boxes and bubble wrap to sofa covers, glass and dish protection. We’re also proud that our boxes are Canadian made. So, when you start planning for your big move, consider our durable and reliable packing supplies. You’ll find everything you need, saving you time. When purchasing boxes, we recommend buying one roll of tape for every 10 boxes. For more on what we stock at The Storage Zone, check out the lists below:


  • One and a Half Cubic Foot Box (16”x13”13”)
  • Two Cubic Foot Box (15"x18"x12 1/2")
  • Three Cubic Foot Box (18”x18”x16”)
  • Four Cubic Foot Box (18"x18"x21")
  • Six Cubic Foot Box (20"x20"x26")
  • China/Dish Carton (18"x18"x28") double wall
  • Wardrobe Box w/Hanger (22"x24"x48") double wall
  • File Box (15"x12"x9.75")
  • Picture Box Large (2pcs) 42"x36" - 42"x73"x4"
  • Picture/Mirror Box Standard 37"x26"x 4"
  • Utility Box Small (8"x4"x52")
  • Utility Box Large (2pcs) (18"x12"x54-79")
  • Storage Box w/Handles (24"x12"x12")
  • Starter Kit (4-1.5cu & 3cu, paper, bubble, tape,    labels, marker)
  • Lamp/Golf Box (12”x12”x40”)
  • Flat Screen TV Boxes 37”, 46” & 55”


  • 5lb Newsprint (24"x36" approx. 85 sheets)
  • 10lb Newsprint (24"x36" approx.160 sheets)

Stretch Wrap

  • Stretch Wrap 5" w/Handle (5"x1000')
  • Stretch Wrap Clear (12.5" x 1490' or 450m)
  • Stretch Wrap BLACK w/Handles


  • Clear Tape 2"x60m
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Fragile Tape 66m Roll

Bubble Wrap

  • Bubble Wrap 48" x 15' Roll (Large bubble)
  • Bubble Wrap 48" x 50' Roll (Small Bubble)
  • Bubble Wrap 12" x 50' Roll (Small bubble)
  • Bubble Wrap 12" x 175' Box (Small bubble)


  • Sofa Covers (60"x136")
  • Chair Covers (60"x72")
  • Poly Pad Furniture Cover (48"x72" or 4'x6')
  • Twin Mattress Cover (39"x96"x9")
  • Double Mattress Cover (54"x88"x9")
  • Queen Mattress Cover (60"x94"x11")
  • King Pillowtop Mattress Cover (70"x96"x19")

Special Protection

  • Foam Protection Sheets (12"x12") 25/pkg.
  • Fragile Kit for 2 & 4cu.box & china/dish cartons
  • Fragile & Glass Labels
  • Foam Roll (48" x 50 ft)

Other Items

  • Quilted Moving Blankets 72"x80" (6'x6 1/2')
  • Carton Cutter Handy Tool
  • Picture Corners
  • Permanent Markers, Black 2/pkg.
  • Boot/Shoe Covers (Waterproof & Black)
  • Peanuts/Foam Chips 1cu.bag
  • Disc Locks
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